50 Bay Toptracer Driving Range

Wirral’s #1 Golf Practice Facility

Whether you’re new to golf or want to polish up your existing skills, why not take advantage of our fully astro-turfed, 50 bay driving range.

Fully floodlit, with both undercover and outdoor areas, our facility enables you to comfortably practice after dark and in all weathers, using top quality Srixon range balls ensuring optimum performance for your practice sessions.

We’re the only driving range on the Wirral offering Toptracer ball-tracking technology - but what exactly is it? It’s the technology which shows you the real-time ball flight after a golf ball has been hit. You’ve probably come across it when watching professional golfers on television whether it be the European or PGA Tour.

You can now use this same technology to improve your game, or perhaps just to spend a fun hour or two at the driving range with friends.

Toptracer offers you two options. You can simply turn up and  play, or alternatively download the App onto your phone, and simply scan a QR code on the TV screen in the driving range bay, enabling you to store all your practice data and keep tabs on your progress.

23 of our hitting bays are fitted with simulators which pick up the speed, distance and dispersion of your ball and transfer the information to the TV screen.

You can then store your data and stats within the app to monitor performance and improvements.

There’s so much more to it than that, though! A ‘what’s in the bag’ mode allows you to gather and store data about how far you hit each club and a ‘closest to the pin’ game allows you to compete against others, not only at the range but also on local and worldwide leader boards.  You can also use the ‘virtual golf’ mode to play some of the world’s best courses including Pebble Beach home to many famous golfing events.

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Price List
50 Balls£8
100 Balls£10
Club Hire (if required)£2.00 per club
ToptracerIncluded in the price